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Move better,

play better,

LIVE better!

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Elite class Coaches in an world class facility!

Welcome to Windsor Ontario's premier training facility. Here clients and athletes of all levels come to train with the very best Coaches in the industry. These motivated individuals and teams are here to define or improve upon their own meaning of wellness or high performance.


  • we are NOT a here today gone tomorrow gym.

  • we ARE a team of Coaches that have been together for over 10 years.

  • we are NOT a fad exercise program or diet scheme.

  • we ARE dedicated to using the most current, scientifically proven, SAFEST and most effective exercise and nutrition strategies available.

  • we are NOT a one size fits all kind of process.
  • we ARE focused entirely on you. Designing programs that fit your needs, your abilities and your goals.
  • we are NOT a purchased boxed brand franchise.
  • we ARE a locally owned, independent, organization devoid of any franchise influences.
  • we are NOT a decision you will regret making.
  • we ARE the best choice you can make for your health, your wellness and your performance!


This Is The Team Synergy Mindset

Ask yourself which would you prefer, just Getting tired or Actually getting better?

because a lot of people in the fitness industry don't know the difference.

fortunately for you...we do!