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Coaches vs Trainers

is there a difference?

our certifications

our coaches


Ryan Carlone - "The Technician"

  • Head Coach

  • Director of program design

  • B.H.K. Human Kinetics

  • Over 12 years in the industry

  • Scratch golfer

  • Much smaller than his younger brother


Dave Orton - "The Mad Scientist"

  • Strength Coach

  • Founder of Synergy Wellness and Performance

  • Over 20 years in the industry

  • Die hard Steelers fan

  • Definitely not the athlete in the family

Matt Lachine

  • Strength Coach

  • Fascial Stretch Therapist

  • Over 5 years in the industry

  • Nice guy, tries really hard

Megan Owen

  • Strength Coach

  • Over 6 years in the industry

  • Professional MMA fighter

  • Could easily win a fight against any other Team Synergy Coach.

Brad Martin

  • Strength Coach

  • Over 12 years in the industry

  • Die hard Packers fan

  • The only Coach that can eat as much as Coaches Ryan and Dave

Eric Skene

  • Strength Coach

  • Over 9 years in the industry

  • Consummate thrill seeker